Mexican, proud of his roots, creative, unconventional, out of the box thinker and image producer extraordinaire, that is David Lack. His life path has allowed him to travel and live in different countries in America and Europe. Being just a child his father gave him his first camera, the one that became his inseparable childhood companion. Such was his fascination for capturing images, that at the age of 8, supported by his father,  he participated and won his first award given out by a regional photography company and the local newspaper. In his youth he moved to study in France, an experience  that revived his passion for photography and immortalizing moments.

For 5 years he lived in Aix-en-Provence, Geneva, and Paris which allowed him to meet people from diverse cultures and different parts of the world, which gave him a global vision and awakened his entrepreneurial spirit.

Years later he returned to Mexico, where he opened his textile business and raised a beautiful family. After a complicated global economic downturn, he sold his company. This change and push from his wife to pursue his dream is what led him to find  the way to dedicate his life to his great passion: photography.  Already determined to train as a professional photographer, he traveled to New York, equipped himself with the best, rolled up his sleeves and started clicking away.

His vision, freshness, charisma, cultural broadness and precision in details, has led him to be one of the most recognized Mexican photographers. He has been the architect of key moments for hundreds of people looking to capture lifelong memories. Couples who marry, bride and groom celebrating their commitment, family celebrations,  special occasions, travels and business events.

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