Sunset Bliss Destination Wedding
Sunset Bliss Destination Wedding
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$8500 USD
What's Included
  • 10 Hours of Photography Coverage
  • 1000 Photos
  • Second Shooter
  • Trip Planning
  • 2 hr Pre-wedding Session
  • Two days
  • Anywhere in Mexico
  • All travel costs
Package Description

As a passionate photographer, I'm thrilled to offer the Sunset Bliss Destination Wedding package, designed especially for those who love the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Mexico. With me, you'll receive 10 hours of dedicated photography coverage, enabling me to capture every precious detail of your special day.

To ensure that not a single magical moment is missed, this package comes with a second shooter. We'll deliver 1000 photos - a collection of timeless memories that will allow you to relive the joy and excitement of your wedding day for years to come.

But, my service doesn't end there. I'll also assist with your trip planning, taking the stress out of your destination wedding planning. And to add more depth to your wedding story, this package includes a 2-hour pre-wedding session, an opportunity for us to connect more, and for me to understand your unique love story better.

Here's the best part - I take care of all travel costs. So, you can focus on what truly matters - celebrating your love. This package spans over two days, offering ample time to capture the real you, your connection, and the beautiful chaos that comes with the wedding.

So, if you're ready to embark on this incredible journey of love and celebration, I’m here for you. No fluff, no pretension, just real, heartfelt photography. Let's create unforgettable memories together in the beautiful landscapes of Mexico!

What to Expect

"David, our wedding photographer, exceeded all expectations. From our initial meeting to the final delivery of our breathtaking photos, he displayed unmatched professionalism and talent. His attention to detail ensured he captured every moment beautifully, leaving us with timeless memories. David's warm personality made us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. He seamlessly incorporated our ideas and preferences into his work, resulting in a collection of images that perfectly reflected our special day. If you're searching for a photographer who combines skill, passion, and dedication, David is the one. We're endlessly grateful for his exceptional service and stunning photos." - Delia V. Monterrey, Mexico

License Policy
$8500 USD
Interested in booking?
Interested in booking?
$8500 USD

Capturing the Magic of Life – Let Me Show You the World Through My Lens!

David Lack
Wedding Photographer based in San Miguel de Allende, México

Hi there, I'm David, a wedding photographer based in San Miguel de Allende, México. I'm a passionate photographer dedicated to making your stories unforgettable through captivating images. With over a decade of experience in photography, I specialize in capturing moments of love during weddings and other life celebrations. What truly sets me apart is my expertise in destination wedding photography, having worked in beautiful countries like Mexico, Italy, and the USA. My true art lies in making emotions come alive in images. I believe that through my work, I can help preserve those magical moments forever. So, if you're looking to capture the essence of your special day and create memories that will last a lifetime, I'm here to make that happen for you. Whether you're tying the knot, celebrating a milestone, or just want to capture the joy of life, I'll be your friendly guide in this photographic journey. Let's connect and create something truly extraordinary together.